Does your club have an online presence?

May 2019 

21.74 million Australian’s are active internet users, and 18 million Australians are active social media users, so it’s highly likely a large proportion of your club’s members, guests and potential members are active online.

If you aren’t already engaging with them online, you may be missing a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build loyalty to your club.

The best way for clubs to approach digital marketing and social media is to view it as an extension of the relationship you have already built within the community, and as a way to reach new customers to build your member base.

When thinking about how you can use digital media in your marketing efforts, the five S’s of digital marketing are a good starting point to make sure you’re covering all bases and making the most of the opportunities available.

The five S’s are:

Sell: Digital marketing provides the opportunity to increase your customer base.

Speak: Building conversation with your customers through websites and social media.

Serve: This is about adding value for your customer base. Websites and social media are where your customers are likely to go to either recommend, or complain about your venue so embrace the opportunity to be part of the conversation, and provide high levels of customer service through your online presence.

Save: Engaging with your customers online can save your club money, by reducing service costs or spending on traditional communication channels like print and post.

Sizzle: This is all about extending your brand online, and will build on your sales and speak goals. Providing great experiences online for your customers will help them spread the word about your club and its events.

Your website is the best starting point. This is part of what is referred to as ‘owned’ media, meaning you own and control the content. Ensuring your website is user friendly, up to date and provides customers with information in a clear and concise way is vital to deepening your relationship with your members and guests. Make sure it is easy for people to join and renew their membership, find out what events are on, and to contact the club and be responded to in a timely manner.

Other ‘owned media’ includes your social media accounts and email marketing, where you control the conversation with your audience. Ensure you’re posting all of your events and promotions and responding to feedback in a timely manner, but also creating dialogue with your members – ask them what they want, and how you can provide more value to your community. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback – look at it as an opportunity to showcase excellent customer service.

If your club doesn’t already collect the email addresses of its members, it is time to start. Sending regular communication to your membership base is a great way to keep them up to date with events, promotions, specials and changes at the Club and encourage them to engage with your social media accounts as well. If you have birthday information about members, you might consider sending a birthday greeting and special offer so they feel valued. The great part about digital media is that many of these initiatives can be automated.

Finally, it is vital that you integrate any digital marketing plans and strategies with your traditional marketing efforts to ensure your multi-channel promotion is coordinated, and provides a seamless brand and customer experience.

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