Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Business

September 2015

The challenges and hardships encountered in every business are a fact of life. While there's only so much one can do to change external factors, one area you can control is the way in which you respond to those challenges. That means knowing yourself and your habits, both good and bad.

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How to Reduce Costs Without Reducing Operational Capacity

July 2015

All businesses want to reduce overhead costs without incapacitating their operational performance. After all, more savings means more profit, right? As any good business advisor will tell you, 'Money is mobility'.

These costs are a natural part of your operations.

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4 Ways to Help Make Your Business More Appealing to Investors

May 2015

In taking your business to the next level, you'll need capital and other resources to ensure steady growth and expansion.

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How to Choose a New Accountant When You've Outgrown Your Old One

April 2015

Almost every ambitious business owner will reach a point where they feel they've outgrown the capabilities of their accountant. Time for a change. 

But accountants just crunch numbers, right? Spreadsheets, financials, tax returns, BAS …all that stuff. There are plenty of them out there and they all seem pretty much the same. How hard can it be to find a new one?

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Signs You Are Ready To Sell Your Business

March 2015

For every enterprise or business, there is always an end goal. For some, it's a matter of creating a legacy and building a family business that will span multiple generations.

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Vital Insights Into Managing Your Top Employees

January 2015

A company is only as good as the people within it. While a CEO or business owner who knows how to run an enterprise certainly is off to a great start, no man is an island - and having brilliant employees that fill knowledge and skills gaps within the company can help push it to even greater heights.

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How to Conduct Productive Meetings

September 2014

People dread meetings. While their objective might be to convey important information, manage performance or drive a project, meetings have developed a bad reputation as time-wasters. From office politicking to complaints and grievances, meetings have become a forum for anything but getting work done.

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How to get your Cash Working for you

August 2014

The number one way to prevent business failure is to properly manage your working capital.

Working capital is defined as the difference between your current assets and current liabilities. If this figure is positive, you have working capital available. This working capital may exist as inventory, accounts receivable or cash on hand.

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Getting Ready to Sell your Business

July 2014

The objective of every business owner should be to have a sellable asset. However for many, selling their business is so far off into the future it isn't a priority. Still, it pays to be prepared.

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4 Best Practice Tips for Refinancing Loans

May 2014

Loans are an important, sometimes necessary, part of small business management. However, there could be instances where the terms and conditions of your loan are not favourable for your current and future financial planning. 

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