Planning For A Successful Business Exit

May 2017

Every business owner knows that it's wise to manage your business with the long term in mind - which includes planning the appropriate exit strategies before retirement. You have to plan not only for the transition of management, but also for the most beneficial way of getting your money out.


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Cash is King- 5 Tips for Improving Cash Flow

January 2017

The statement "Cash is king" is not an oft-repeated saying for nothing. All types of entrepreneurs have come to realise-whether through the easy way or the hard way-that without efficient cash flow management, a business can't survive, much less prosper.  

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Business Process Improvement

December 2016

The secret to boosting employee engagement - which leads to efficient business process improvement - is ensuring that you and your team are all in on the HR strategies of your operations. However, you first need to understand what employee engagement truly is.

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Signs You Are Ready To Sell Your Business

March 2015

For every enterprise or business, there is always an end goal. For some, it's a matter of creating a legacy and building a family business that will span multiple generations.

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