Business Process Improvement

December 2016

The secret to boosting employee engagement - which leads to efficient business process improvement - is ensuring that you and your team are all in on the HR strategies of your operations. However, you first need to understand what employee engagement truly is.

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Finding and Keeping the Right Employees

September 2016

The need for improved business efficiency and productivity has arguably never been greater than right now. As the economy adjusts to new global economic and technological realities, business must recalibrate to meet the challenges.

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Five Steps to Clearing Email Clutter

June 2016

You probably don't need a consultant or business advisor to tell you that emails can be a huge drain on your time.

While the email certainly has been one of the most important innovations in the workplace, many studies have proven that we spend around 28% of our work week writing, reading, and sorting emails. That's a lot of time that could be spent more productively.

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Getting Ready to Sell your Business

July 2014

The objective of every business owner should be to have a sellable asset. However for many, selling their business is so far off into the future it isn't a priority. Still, it pays to be prepared.

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4 Best Practice Tips for Refinancing Loans

May 2014

Loans are an important, sometimes necessary, part of small business management. However, there could be instances where the terms and conditions of your loan are not favourable for your current and future financial planning. 

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