Professional Service Review Update

31 July 2020

Recently the Professional Services Review (PSR) has indicated that doctors who breach the 80/20 rule because of an influx in coronavirus consultations won’t be penalised if they have otherwise followed the rules.

Currently, the Department of Health automatically refers every GP who provides more than 80 services in 20 or more days, in a 12-month period to the PSR for investigation.

The Medicare watchdog says the rule is intended to prevent doctors from conducting a high volume of consultations in a short amount of time due to concerns that this could result in inadequate clinical care to patients and potentially cause them harm.

However, it has always stressed that if exceptional circumstances mean there is a higher need for services, then a breach of the 80/20 rule wouldn’t necessarily be regarded as inappropriate practice.

The PSR has now said that the pandemic will be considered as one of those circumstances because more patients are visiting practices for screening and related health issues.

The importance of stringent record keeping will be crucial should the GP come under review.

Given the above it is more important than ever to seek assistance where needed to ensure your practice can efficiently and effectively manage a potential review.

If you need help in this area please do not hesitate to get into contact with our team.  

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