Calxa For NFP Organisations

March 2017

As a NFP Organisation, it is extremely important that you have an effective form of accounting software in place, not only to compliment your organisation but to assist you in achieving your overall financial and business objectives.

With continual changes occurring within the technological space, it is often hard to know which software will assist your organisation the most effectively.

As NFP specialists, we recommend Calxa to all of our NFP clients as it is an excellent multi-platform add-on and a leader in Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting software.

Calxa is tailored for NFP Organisations and offers simplified reporting solutions, allowing you to make better informed decisions, formulate your visions and make a positive move towards the future.

It is extremely versatile and can easily integrate with your accounting software, prepare complex program budgets, calculate unit costs and bulk upload invoices to the NDIA Portal.

It offers donations to grassroots NFPs through Connecting Up and provides access to the extensive report library including charts and graphs to assist with grant acquittals and board reports.

It is also able to consolidate multiple organisations, providing a strong platform to improve your decision making.

So, what are the additional benefits of implementing Calxa in your Organisation?

It offers a simple 5 step process for integration

  1. Link to the accounting system (MYOB / Xero / Reckon / QBO)
  2. Actual figures automatically update
  3. Create budgets using shortcuts and wizards
  4. Select from over 50 reports in the library or customise your own
  5. Now batch your chosen reports, so next month all you do is click on the bundle and print

Provides accuracy

Automates the process and eliminates human errors, ensuring data integrity and accurate reports.

Offers you better control

Sources reports quickly and regularly, providing the platform to improve your decision making.

Saves you time

Links directly to your accounting system, actuals are automatically updated for fast-tracking analysis as well as benchmarking and reporting.

If you would like to find out how Calxa can improve your organisation, contact one of our software specialists today.

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