Communication tools in your business

September 2019

Our guide to choosing the best tools for your business to facilitate communication, morale, culture and become an employer of choice for both older and younger generations.

Technology’s rapid development over the last decade has seen the emergence of several different forms of communication for businesses. Gone are the days of relying on telephone calls, faxes and even emails as the primary driver of communication with technology providing the gateway to a variety of alternatives.

The emergence of communication tools and applications such as Facebook’s Workplace and Microsoft’s Yammer, coupled with an increasing interest in flexible working arrangements and millennials seeking to be part of a healthy business culture has seen the dawn of a new era for the communication tools that are available for your business.

The question is, are you using this to your advantage and are you keeping up with the times?

Applications such as Workplace and Yammer act in similar ways to social media platforms such as Facebook but are only accessible to employees of your business. Whilst basic functions such as messaging and voice calls are retained, staff can create events, post photos and create groups.

Extending beyond these applications, other communication tools such as Skype for Business allows traditional phone calls to be made, however, the application offers the ability to utilise group calls, video calls, screen-sharing, messaging and the ability to see if staff are “available”, “busy”, “offline” and so on.

Lastly, workflow management and collaboration tools such as Slack and Basecamp add another element of communication that can benefit your business.

Each of these tools and applications offer their own unique benefits and efficiency gains, but also bring about their own complexities.

In navigating this new space and understanding the best use of these for your business, you must first scope out your business needs and what features are mission critical.

With so many applications to choose from, this is a busy market and adequate research and scoping is now more critical than ever. With that said, many of these applications are utilised by leading businesses in a wide array of markets, and with a little research it is not too hard to understand where these can benefit your business most.

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