NSW Payroll tax annual reconciliation due date extended

2 July 2020

The due date for the 2020 annual reconciliation has been extended to 30 October 2020.

This extension is only available for the 2020 annual reconciliation.

Information you will need to lodge your 2020 Annual Reconciliation

JobKeeper Payments

When lodging your 2020 annual reconciliation, you'll need to include information about payments made to employees under the JobKeeper Payments scheme.

In NSW, an exemption from payroll tax is available for any additional payment amounts an employer makes to meet the conditions of this scheme.

What information do I need to include in the Annual Reconciliation?

In addition to the usual information required when lodging your 2020 annual reconciliation, you will need to include:

  • the number of NSW employees you received JobKeeper payments for
  • the total liable component of wages paid to employees that you received JobKeeper payments for, and
  • the total exempt component of wages paid to these employees.

To determine the total amounts, you'll need to calculate the liable and exempt amounts for each employee registered for the JobKeeper Payment scheme and add these together.

Please note, the liable amount also needs to be included in the ‘Salaries and wages’ field on the wages details page of the annual reconciliation. You don't need to include the exempt amount anywhere else.

Remember to consider whether you will be better to (or not to) utilise the extension – if you are due a refund then lodging sooner will mean you can get access to this refund sooner!

For more information, please visit the RevenueNSW website


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