Dental Wealth June 2017

Bringing your financial future into focus

June 2017

One of the biggest changes proposed by the Government to be carried out from 1 July 2017 is to implement a measure limiting the amount members can ‘transfer’ from
their balance into pension phase.

Dental Wealth May 2017

Buying the perfect chair for your practice

May 2017

You first heard about it at the conference. Then you saw it in the brochure. Now every time you look at your outdated chair, you can’t help but compare it to your new chair, which comes complete with delivery system, monitor, integrated camera and every hand piece you have ever dreamt of.


Succession Planning for Your Practice

May 2016

Are you running a busy practice and contemplating retirement but concerned about letting your patients down? If so, then the biggest issue you need to address right now is succession planning.


What drives your practice?

October 2015

The maxim ‘time is money’ has earned a bad rap in some quarters for its implication of greed, but from a business standpoint it remains a powerful truism. Here’s an example of how you can use it to your advantage – without sacrificing patient care.


ATO Assessing the Risk in Professional Practices

December 2014

Recent ATO activity has caused a bit of a stir amongst some dentists and practice owners. The ATO publication details how the ATO will assess for compliance risks any professional firms (including dental professionals and practices) that operate from partnership, company or trust structures.

Dental Wealth October 2017

Starting in Private Practice

October 2017

For many Dental Practitioners, joining a Practice can be a huge commitment to make, one that must be carefully considered beforehand.