SnapShot December 2017

Another US rate rise in December is almost certain

December 2017

Equity markets continued their solid form over the past month, driven by performance in the US.

SnapShot November

US economy is going from strength to strength

November 2017

October 20 may have marked the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, but there was little justification for a repeat this year.

SnapShot October 2017

US tax reforms finally on the table!

October 2017

September finally saw some action regarding tax reforms in the US, and financial markets liked what they heard.

September Investment SnapShot

Geopolitical tensions see a return of volatility

September 2017

We have been enjoying steady market returns in a low volatility environment for many years, but geopolitical tensions during August changed this.

SnapShot July 2017

Financial market stability amid geopolitical uncertainty

July 2017

As we look back at the 2017 financial year, we can breathe a sigh of relief that financial markets satisfactorily navigated their way around some potentially disruptive issues.

SnapShot June 2017

Low inflation is here to stay for some time...

June 2017

It appears low inflation will be with us for some time to come, not just in Australia, but importantly, also from a global perspective.

SnapShot May 2017

Geopolitical tensions rise in Asia and Europe...

May 2017

Significantly different geopolitical tensions, from different parts of the world, threatened to derail financial markets in April.

SnapShot April 2017

Trump fails first attempt at significant legislation change

April 2017

US equity markets have enjoyed a stellar run since November 8 when Donald Trump won the US election.