Reviews and Management Contracts


One of the current focuses of our team within the Club and Hospitality industry is business efficiency. A review of your Clubs current operations can highlight inefficiencies in both labour and processes.

One of the highest spends for Clubs are wages, therefore more focus within this area can substantially improve your businesses bottom line.

We understand that food is a key area within most Clubs, so maintaining efficiency as well as ensuring processes and costings are on target is extremely important. To assist with this, our team are able to review your existing agreements with external contractors.

Alternatively, if your Club runs its own catering our team are able to perform a review focusing on GP%, service and wages to improve your bottom line.

We are also able to prepare and negotiate management contracts. Using our standard Clubs and Hospitality management template, we can adjust this contract to meet your needs (including incentives) and ensure compliance with employment regulations and standards.