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Enterprise Exit or selling an enterprise


How can you extract the greatest value from your enterprise when it’s time to move on? How do you most effectively pass it to the next generation, third parties or family?

A successful enterprise exit addresses a range of tax, administrative and personal wealth building issues. We can reduce that stress and help you to achieve the best results possible. 

We can guide you through the sale of your business

  • Assistance to put your business on the market
  • Support with any sale negotiations
  • Guidance with any legal agreements for the sale or transfer of your assets
  • Business valuations

We can assist you in minimising tax on the sale of your enterprise

  • Advance planning for your business closure or sale
  • Tax effective strategies for small business CGT

 We can help you plan for your retirement

  • Succession planning
  • Strategies to transfer your assets to family members
  • Management of buy outs