Investment Services


Investment Services

With over 60 years of experience, our team of specialists have extensive knowledge of investment markets. These can be complex, at times volatile and seldom logical. So unless you're fully immersed in them, it can often be difficult to benefit from your investment at its full potential.

We take the time to fully understand both your personal goals and your current financial position, enabling us to tailor a comprehensive investment strategy to match and implement on your behalf. We also maintain the ongoing management of your portfolio through our exclusive Portfolio Review Service, which we see as one of the most crucial aspects to optimising returns on your investment. 

This service covers every aspect of diligent day-to-day portfolio management; from taking care of the administrative details to taking advantage of the short-term opportunities presented by the market.

Features of our service include:

  • Complete transparency
  • On call to answer any questions regarding portfolio investments, or investments in general, within office hours.
  • All reports and correspondence handled by Cutcher & Neale
  • Monthly valuations and graphical representation of your portfolio
  • Individual portfolios in which you can see where every dollar is invested
  • Online access to your portfolio allowing you to monitor your investments 24/7
  • Review of your portfolio (Statement of Advice) as required detailing a valuation, summary of performance and any other specific recommendations