Cutcher & Neale Business Digest - Diversifying your business

Diversifying your business

September 2019

In this edition we investigate the importance of diversifying your business. 


Time to focus on you

May 2019

In this edition we discuss the importance of focusing on you, and give you some tips on how to create and achieve your goals.


It's all in the family

December 2018

Working in a family business is both rewarding and challenging, but also has many advantages. 


Manage for success

October 2018

Everyone has heard it said before. Managing your staff can be one of the most challenging aspects for any business.

Business Digest June 2018

Are you ready for the end of financial year?

June 2018

The year has certainly presented some highs and lows for businesses, and with June 30 coming up fast, it’s time to take a look at getting ready for the end of the financial year.

Business Digest April 2018

Smart software - is your business up to date?

April 2018

This edition we look into the rise of smart software to drive your business efficiencies, whilst improving your performance. We look at the key tools all businesses should be adopting.

Business Digest December 2017

Growth and Oppotunity

December 2017

In this edition, we explore ways you can optimise your business plan in the current environment to ensure you are staying ahead of the competition.


Globalisation and uncertainty in business

March 2017

In recent decades, the Australian economy has become more linked to the world economy. This globalisation more closely links Australia’s domestic markets and level of economic activity with those around the world.


Why small businesses need risk management

June 2016

Starting a small business is a bit of a gamble entailing a number of risks, from start-up and execution to maintenance. The question is; do SMEs really know what it takes to mitigate business risks which can affect operations, increase expenses and reduce profit?


Mapping out a succession plan for your business

December 2015

In order to ensure smooth operations and continuous growth, companies should prioritise the task of effectively managing their employees to fi ll key leadership positions.


Should you consider growth through acquisition?

June 2015

Given the difficulties of the current economic cycle, the thought of acquiring another business is probably not on your radar. However, acquisitions can be, and have long been, an excellent way to quickly increase revenues, expand products or service offerings, improve market reach and increase the value of your business.