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COVID-19: What have we learnt?

August 2020

Back in February when COVID-19 was starting to gain media coverage, who would have imagined the profound impact it would have on the world and more importantly Australia?

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How to think like an eagle

April 2020

In this issue we discuss the importance of maximising revenue streams and seek out new ones.

CC June

Social Media and Marketing

June 2019

In this issue, we discuss the importance of having an engaging digital presence for your club and provide an overview of what you can achieve for your club's brand online.

Club Chat Thumbnail March 2019

Finding the best directors for your club

March 2019

In this edition we touch on the challenges that clubs face when it comes to finding board members. We also share the latest results for Cutcher & Neale’s clients with an outline of their past performance leading into 2019. 


Enhancing the Club experience

August 2018

In this issue we include the results from Cutcher & Neale’s Clubs Survey, in which we address key areas that your club could be focusing on.


Be at the top of the food chain

March 2018

In this edition, our main focus is food and how to ensure you are catering to the needs of your patrons.


Eating Out

June 2018

In this issue, our focus is on food, and how to ensure it is a successful ingredient to your clubs success.

For many venues, the importance of keeping your patrons satisfied is priority number one. Therefore it is crucial to ensure these areas of your club are well maintained.


Return and Earn

December 2017

In this issue we have focused heavily on the importance of aligning your club with the wants, needs and values of your local community through the example of ‘Return and Earn’.

Club Chat August 2017

Risky Business

August 2017

Our previous Club Chat touched on Strategic Planning, where it is imperative that clubs understand the key risks to not only your club but the risks occurring in the club industry as well.

Club Chat June 2017

The importance of reviewing your strategic plan

June 2017

Over the past 10 years, the club industry has contracted with an increased number of clubs closing their doors and looking for amalgamations.


Expenditure Reviews- How can this improve your bottom line?

April 2017

There is always focus on how clubs can improve revenue, whether this be through new or existing revenue sources.


Your Clubs largest expense – 8 tips to improve wages in your venue

December 2016

One of your Club’s most valuable assets is staff. Employees provide the services that keep your customers coming back, however this comes at a price as employee wages represent one of your Club’s largest expenses.

Club Chat September 2016

Club dining and the bottom line

September 2016

In a previous edition, we indicated that food is paramount within clubs as it has become an increasingly popular aspect amongst members and guests. The question remains - are clubs achieving the best possible financial results from food?


Your social and community responsibilities

June 2016

Clubs are continually having to adapt to community and social changes to survive.

This can often be difficult as the hospitality industry lives in an ever changing environment.