Are your Board and Management reports relevant?

March 2017

In recent months, there have been a number of organisations presenting their financial reports to annual general meetings and stakeholders.


Planning for successful amalgamation

April 2014

It looks good on paper. Your organisation blended with theirs would give the resulting entity a broader reach and the ability to deliver an enhanced range of services more efficiently to more clients.


Cashflow forecasting, budgeting and reporting – how do you measure up?

December 2013

Uncertainties around government policy, grant funding, fundraising, sponsorships and demand for services can present an enormous challenge in predicting financial performance. 


If your clients had a choice, who would they choose?

December 2012

For many NFP organisations, funding is provided in advance for the delivery of services prescribed in annual or multi-year contracts. However, this more conventional recurrent funding model may soon be replaced by one that gives your clients the power of choice.