Snapshot August 2020

Disconnect between uncertainty and market direction!

August 2020

When uncertainty hits financial markets, the USD strengthens as investors pile into the 'safety' of USD denominated treasuries or bonds.

July 2020

Consumer confidence and the sharemarket diverge

July 2020

It seems an age ago that financial markets were functioning normally, and economic growth was chugging along, largely in line with expectations. 

June 2020

S&P 500 trading above COVID-19 PE

June 2020

It goes without saying that this is a most interesting time to be investing...

May 2020

Financial markets have corrected, but is it over yet?

May 2020

It goes without saying that this is a most interesting time to be investing...

April 2020

The correction we had to have

April 2020

Australia's recession of 1990 was dubbed by the then Prime Minister, Paul Keating, as the "recession we had to have."

March 2020

An overvalued market in the late stages of the growth cycle?

March 2020

As financial markets reached record high after record high, it was hard to consider it would ever end...

snapshot feb 2020-1

2020 gets off to a flying start... then coronavirus strikes

February 2020

Australian retailers collapse despite record low interest rates!

snapshot jan 2020

2019 was a stellar year following 2018's sell off

January 2020

Equity and Bond markets at record highs!

thumbnail ss nov

US equity markets record strong gains in first half of 2019...

November 2019

It’s been an interesting twelve months of investing on a number of fronts.

SS Thumbnail

Dark clouds circling... Bond prices seem to ignore risk.

October 2019 

There are currently a number of dark clouds circling above financial markets that could be destablishing.

Snapshot cover

Boris Johnson to resolve Brexit?

August 2019

The 2020 financial year has made a fair start with few unwanted surprises. However, the two dark clouds that have been overshadowing markets remain in place; US-China trade negotiations, and Brexit. 

SnapShot thumbnail

Bond prices keep hitting record highs...

September 2019

Financial markets generally manage to find reasons to fall, far more easily than they find reasons to rise.

SnapShot June 2019

Australian election outcome provides confidence to investors

June 2019

There can be little doubt the biggest issue for Australian investors during May was the Federal election outcome. 

SnapShot July 2019

US-China trade negotiations raise significant uncertainty

July 2019

It’s clear domestic financial markets have been comforted by the re-election of the Coalition Government and the RBA cutting the Official Cash Rate.


Inflation and interest rates... lower for much longer

May 2019

Inflation has been absent in major economies around the world for some time, and this absence is again opening the door on monetary policy.

Snapshot April 2019

US market continues to rebound

April 2019

The US Federal Reserve delivered more definitive commentary on their interest rate policy for 2019, and the fact there will not be a rate rise for the year was favourably received.

Investment Snapshot Phil Smith Cutcher Neale

Backflip on US interest rate rises sees market rebound

March 2019

Two months is a long time in financial markets, as the two months from the end of December to the end of February have highlight.

thumbnail - feb2019 snapshot

S&P 500 posts sound recovery from 2018 lows...

February 2019

January has seen an impressive recovery in the S&P 500 from the lows of the December sell-off. However significant uncertainties are still present. 

Cover Image

US mid-term elections are over, but uncertainty remains!

December 2018

Financial markets can be very distrustful at times, and this has become evident over the latter part of October and November.

January Cover

2018 - the year of two corrections!

January 2019

It’s not often you have two corrections to financial markets like we had in 2018, the first in February and then another in October.


Strong September in the US... S&P 500 breaks with tradition

October 2018

September is usually regarded a weak month for equity markets, where volatility rises and trading ranges expand.

Snapshot Investment Update

Late cycle volatility is growing

November 2018

Volatility is a word that has rarely been used in the past few years, but it’s one we may well hear a lot more of in the near future.


Another strong month built on outstanding US earnings

September 2018

It’s been a tumultuous month in Australian politics. While positive domestic economic news has been scarce, the economy is not experiencing quite the same negative public opinion.

Synchronised global growth drives US company earnings

Synchronised global growth drives US company earnings

June 2018

The month of May was predominantly full of positive economic news, particularly out of the US.

While things have been relatively quiet in Europe of late, Italian political turmoil could well boil over and cause significant economic turmoil in the near future.

SnapShot August 2018

Infrastructure spending spurs domestic employment

August 2018

For some time, the Australian economy has been characterised by strength in one sector and weakness elsewhere.

SnapShot May 2018

US earnings season comes to the rescue!

May 2018

April had its fair share of negative financial news to contend with, but ended on a slightly positive note.


A solid end to the financial year... despite renewed trade tensions

July 2018

The end of the financial year looked like it would be ambushed by the return of a geopolitical event, namely
trade tensions.

SnapShot April 2018

Stability on US interest rate announcement...

April 2018

But instability caused by political announcements!

When it comes to economic fundamentals overriding politics, let’s hope the experiences of the past continue into the future.

SnapShot March 2018

An unexpected sell-off that should be short lived

March 2018

Volatility is back as the interest rate normalisation
process continues. US tax cuts were just starting to kick in and the latest company earnings were very positive.

SnapShot February 2018

A solid start to the New Year on the back of renewed optimism

February 2018

The biggest worry is the lack of worry!
2018 has started with the stars well and truly aligned!


SnapShot January 2018

2017... A year of steady returns and low volatility!

January 2018

While 2016 saw two momentous political events, Brexit and Trump's election, which shocked financial markets, 2017 was far more boring. 

SnapShot December 2017

Another US rate rise in December is almost certain

December 2017

Equity markets continued their solid form over the past month, driven by performance in the US.

SnapShot November

US economy is going from strength to strength

November 2017

October 20 may have marked the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, but there was little justification for a repeat this year.

SnapShot October 2017

US tax reforms finally on the table!

October 2017

September finally saw some action regarding tax reforms in the US, and financial markets liked what they heard.

September Investment SnapShot

Geopolitical tensions see a return of volatility

September 2017

We have been enjoying steady market returns in a low volatility environment for many years, but geopolitical tensions during August changed this.

SnapShot July 2017

Financial market stability amid geopolitical uncertainty

July 2017

As we look back at the 2017 financial year, we can breathe a sigh of relief that financial markets satisfactorily navigated their way around some potentially disruptive issues.

SnapShot June 2017

Low inflation is here to stay for some time...

June 2017

It appears low inflation will be with us for some time to come, not just in Australia, but importantly, also from a global perspective.

SnapShot May 2017

Geopolitical tensions rise in Asia and Europe...

May 2017

Significantly different geopolitical tensions, from different parts of the world, threatened to derail financial markets in April.

SnapShot April 2017

Trump fails first attempt at significant legislation change

April 2017

US equity markets have enjoyed a stellar run since November 8 when Donald Trump won the US election.