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'Making sense of the dollars'

Our Forensic Accounting team believes, that if parties can understand the financial aspects of their dispute, they have a much better chance of resolving their differences outside of court.

That is why our focus is on helping you make sense of the dollars. One of the greatest compliments we have received was from a solicitor who let us know that: “I really like your reports, because when I read them I actually understand them.” Whilst not intending any disrespect to the judiciary, we sometimes think that when writing our reports, they need to be simple enough for a judge to understand!

Our goal of helping you make sense of the dollars goes far beyond just the way we write our reports. We have presented at various conferences and prepared papers on matters such as understanding financial statements, business valuations, tax and superannuation.

Check out our Forensic Accounting Papers for some examples:

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Whilst we were “normal” accountants before specialising in Forensic Accounting, doing what we do now was nothing new for us. It was just a new way to use our Accounting skills. 

As kids, we grew up wanting to solve things, trying to figure out how they worked and loved getting things right – from completing the Rubik's cube without peeling the stickers off to solving the cryptic problem the teacher put on the board on a rainy day. From pulling apart the broken toy to see how it worked to completing homework that was set for the year above the grade we were in. 

These were the things that excited us as kids. Okay, so maybe that sounds a little nerdish, and sometimes we can be a little OCD with the detail of things.  But then, aren’t they some of the qualities that you might like in a Forensic Accountant?

Now we are all grown up, we still love the challenge of solving problems and being able to understand something that at first glance may seem complicated. That is why we love the challenges of Forensic Accounting. 

What makes it even better is that we get to do what we love whilst helping others understand the financial aspects of their dispute, hopefully bringing their matter to a resolution faster and with less cost in terms of money and emotion.  Although if the matter goes to court, we always look forward to an opportunity to hop in the witness box (that may be scary to others, but to us it’s another opportunity to explain our opinion and ensure the judge understands).

We know that we have done our job well when you read our report and you see a simple answer to what was once a complex issue.

If you think we can help you make sense of the dollars in your dispute (or your client’s dispute), whether it be in Family Law, Personal Injury or Commercial Litigation, our experienced team of specialists are here to assist you. We will happily be your “phone a friend” for a short discussion (no cost or obligation) to explain anything financial, allowing you to feel more confident in how you prepare your client’s case. We are based in Newcastle NSW, but can often provide our service to clients located in capital cities without any additional cost.

If you are not sure if we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us and if we feel that we are not the right expert for your matter we can often refer you to someone who is.