Forensic Accounting Papers


Our goal of "helping you make sense of the dollars" goes beyond just the way we write our reports. 

We also present at legal seminars and post articles that we believe will be of interest or provide tips and suggestions on how to avoid poor outcomes for your client.

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Forensic Paper

Understanding Financial Statements

Have you ever looked at a set of financial statements and thought “what does this tell me?” or “What do all these numbers mean?” 

Business Valuations do you really need them?

You have probably been in the situation where a business valuation has been prepared for a matter and you have provided the valuation report to the client.


Divorcing The Assets

When we think about divorce, we generally think first about the people involved. But as Family Lawyers know all too well, when people divorce, their assets must also be divorced. 


Make sure your client gets the most out of their single expert

The role of a single expert can sometimes be a lonely one. No one wants to talk to you for fear of breaching the perception of independence. 


A Closer Look at the Treatment of Assets and Income

Consider the following scenario. A Husband and Wife are separating after 13 years of marriage. There are two children of the marriage, aged 9 and 13. The Wife has undertaken the primary home-maker role and has no formal training or work experience.