What we do

Just like there are many areas of the law that a solicitor can specialise in, the same can be said for accounting. There are even different areas to specialise within Forensic Accounting. We don't just accept any matter, only those where we believe we have the appropriate skills and experience to call ourselves an expert. 

Our experience covers all stages of dispute resolution; from assisting with clarifying the key financial issues and preparation of preliminary estimates through to participation in settlement conferences or giving evidence in court.

Some of the matters in which we are commonly instructed include commercial litigation, family law and personal injury. Our team of Forensic Accounting specialists are always happy to answer any questions, especially if you are unsure about whether or not we are able to help with your case. 

Commercial Litigation

  • Valuation of businesses, companies, trusts and partnerships, or interests therein for shareholder disputes
  • Interpretation and opinion related to valuation clauses in shareholders agreements
  • Quantification of losses from fraud related activities (for civil proceedings only, not criminal)
  • Quantification of losses due to breach of contract

Family Law

  • Valuation of businesses, companies, partnerships, trusts or interests therein
  • Valuation of superannuation interests, including allocation of value to periods during and outside of the cohabitation period
  • Advice and opinion about the impacts of splitting defined benefit superannuation interests
  • Valuation of entitlements in employee share schemes
  • Assisting the "non-financial" spouse to gain an understanding of the corporate structure and its value, net of related party loans
  • Assistance with identifying tax issues arising from a proposed settlement or recommending alternatives to minimise the impact of taxation

Personal Injury

  • Assessing loss of economic capacity relating to business earnings
  • Assessing loss of financial benefit from business earnings of the deceased