10 quick tips to save time using Xero

By Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services - June 21, 2021

Are you getting the most out of your Xero subscription? We've compiled our top 10 time saving tips, and shared our favourite apps that integrate with Xero to help you save time and boost your business. 

Top 10 time saving tips using Xero

1. Connect bank feeds on bank, credit card and loan accounts
2. Set up effective bank rules including transfers
3. Ask your advisor about bulk reconciling
4. Set up repeating invoices
5. Use automatic reminders to chase outstanding payments
6. Use your Xero inbox as file storage and to assist in attaching documents to transactions
7. Set up custom reporting templates suitable for your business
8. Pay bills and payroll in batch payments
9. Set up an account watch list for monthly vs YTD movement on specific accounts to monitor cash flow
10. Set up online payment options

Best cost-friendly time saving app

Hubdoc uses artificial intelligence to read the key information on your bills and publish them into Xero. Hubdoc is free with some Xero plans.

Recommended job management apps for tradespeople

These apps are industry specific for trades-based business. They are designed to streamline your end to end management of jobs including quoting, invoicing, job costing and time tracking.

Payroll - time saving tips

  • Set up employee templates.
  • Use ABA files to pay employees.
  • Use Auto Super to make superannuation contributions.

Recommended Payroll time saving app

My Payroll – Invite your employees to My Payroll and have them submit time sheets and leave requests using the Xero Me app from their smartphones.

If you have a larger business or more complex staff scheduling needs, such as staff on different types of shifts around the clock, a payroll software such a deputy may be a good solution for you.

Online Payment services

Xero allows you to offer online payments, direct debits, and pay now options to your customers and clients. Research shows that you are likely to be paid twice as fast offering online payment services to other business who don’t!