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Is your business leveraging the federal Industry Growth Program and NSW Minimal Viable Product Grant? 

In an ever-evolving economic landscape, it’s crucial that businesses seize opportunities that foster growth and innovation — especially when they're designed for you.

There are many grants and support programs available nationwide that often go as thoroughly underutilised resources for small businesses. Many federal and state schemes offer opportunities to boost business innovation, growth and sustainability.

By tapping into these resources, businesses across Australia can gain the support needed to overcome market challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Industry Growth Program

Do you own a small to medium enterprise (SME) and have been struggling to find avenues or support for business growth?

You're not alone.

A report by the Industry Innovation and Science Australia Board revealed that SMEs in Australia face multiple barriers to commercialise and innovate.

A key cause is that many don't have the need, risk appetite, or free cash flow to do so. 

In response, the federal government has created the $392 million Industry Growth Program to help start-ups and small businesses expand their operations. 

The program focuses on National Reconstruction Fund areas of priority and aims to assist businesses to:

  • Commercialise their ideas into new products, processes and services, and grow their operations
  • Improve their ability to engage in national and international markets
  • Better position themselves to seek future investment and scaling opportunities, including through the NRF

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NSW Minimal Viable Product Grant

For businesses in New South Wales, the MVP Grant is a fantastic resource to turn your innovative ideas into viable products. Also aimed at start-ups and SMEs, the grant supports businesses in the crucial phase of testing and market validation, helping to bridge the gap between product idea and commercial reality.

It provides key benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Financial support for commercialisation and expansion ($25,000 to $50,000)
  • Access to industry experts and mentors
  • Networking opportunities with potential investors and partners

Grants like the Industry Growth Program and the NSW MVP Grant are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you are considering applying for a government grant or the R&D Tax Incentive, or if you just want to explore what government grants may potentially be available for your business, our expert Advisors can help.

Contact us to unlock the full potential of your business by driving growth and innovation.

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