Charity register to be improved

By Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services - March 25, 2021

Charities have the opportunity to showcase their work to donors, supporters and the broader public with the release of 2020 annual-information statements.

Charities may provide the details of up to 10 programs, including each program’s beneficiaries and the location in which it is delivered.

The information that a charity submits in its 2020 AIS will be displayed on its Charity Register listing.

Each charity will categorise its programs using a standard classification system. A charity and its programs will be much more accessible on the register when an enhanced search function is introduced in 2021.

Next year the aim is to implement enhanced geospatial register search functionality that will enable public users to search for charities by areas of service as well as program type.

Providing details about programs using a standard classification will help charities speak to volunteers and donors in a common language. In time, it will work to support donations, volunteering, fundraising and collaboration.

Critically, it will improve transparency and increase public trust and confidence in the sector.

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