Strive To Better Food: 4 Key Recommendations For Clubs

It is paramount that clubs, now more than ever before, focus on their food offerings.

Food is becoming an increasingly popular feature of clubs for members and guests. As consumer tastes change, the important ingredient of a successful club food outlet is a good variety of menu options that are of high quality and a reasonable price.

Four Key Recommendations

Consider our four key recommendations for developing a successful catering operation:

1. Analyse your financial results

Two key measures of financial success in food are gross profit and wages as a percentage of food sales. Clubs should aim to achieve a minimum gross profit percentage (GP%) of 55% and a wages percentage of 40%, to break even. A thorough understanding of the till and stock systems, portion sizes, wastage, and supplier costs will assist clubs in achieving better percentages from both of these measures, which should contribute to a profitable bottom line. A simple tip is that each menu item should be costed so you can understand your GP% better.

We also note that in recent times it has been difficult to secure quality food staff, however, this outlook is likely to improve in the future.

2. Know your demographic

Careful consideration of the ages of consumers, club location and competition, consumer spending habits, local employment types, and cultural backgrounds should be made when revising menu options. Consumer tastes are constantly changing, and menus need to remain interesting and attractive to the majority of members.

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3. Focus on customer service

Repeat customers are key to a club's continued success. Repeat customers will continue to patronise your club if they are made to feel welcome in an environment that they deem safe and feel comfortable in.

Staff contribute greatly to providing this level of customer service that patrons require. From the staff at the front door to the bar and bistro, and right through to club management, and even directors, all staff must be providing a high level of customer service that continually exceeds expectations.

Customer service levels and targets must be set by the board and management and should be included in the club's strategic plan. This ensures that customer service levels are appropriate and reviewed regularly.

4. Review your facilities

If your club is situated in a highly competitive area and you are competing with pubs, restaurants, and other clubs, you should be regularly reviewing and comparing your facilities. Successful clubs employ a rolling master plan outlining future improvements that are aligned with the club's strategic direction.

Ensuring catering operations are properly equipped is also key to ensuring that staff can deliver a good quality meal in a timely manner.

Look at improving your outdoor areas, such as bowling greens, that are not being used to their full potential. These spaces are more popular for families, and when combined with an area that the kids can enjoy, it's a win-win. 

Is your club underperforming in food? We can help you understand why it's not achieving its goals, assist with identifying realistic targets, or perform a review of your existing strategies. Speak to one of our Clubs Assurance Advisors today to bring some flavour back to your business.

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