A magic ride for a magic cause

A crowd cheers as the group of Lycra-clad cyclists peddle towards the finish line of the 500kms bike ride that changes lives.

No, it's not the Tour de France or Giro D’Italia.

The spectators awaiting them are mainly children, but still die-hard fans. The riders are passionate volunteers, not athletes. The ride isn't a race, it's magic. And like all magic, it's for the children.

The Magic Ride is a fundraising initiative that helps raise funds and awareness for children suffering from grief. The parent charity, Feel The Magic, provides them with mentors, emotional support, and grief education through their long weekend camps.

In its fourth year, the ride is a four-day physical challenge for the cyclists, as well as an "emotional expansion experience" according to Larry Fingleson, a veteran of the cause.

We're proud to be supporting the Magic Ride and its cause this year. In fact, one of our Partners, Jace Pedonese, will be participating in his first ride this month for the fundraiser!


What is the Magic Ride?

1 in 20 kids in Australia will lose a parent before they turn 18. On average, that's one child grieving in every classroom.

"Dealing with grief as a child is a confusing and isolating experience," says Larry, founder of the Edward Alexander Foundation and co-founder of The Growth Project, a charity that helps smaller charities like Feel The Magic grow. "No one knows how to talk to you after it happens, and neither do you. It's very lonely."

After losing his twin brothers at a young age, Feel The Magic is the charity Larry wishes existed when he was growing up. The grief camps that are funded by the Magic Ride provide mentorship and understanding for these children, giving them support that empowers them to succeed despite or because of what they've been through.

On the first day of camp, each camper is given a card with details about one of the volunteering riders who have just set out on a four-day journey to support them. Likewise, each rider is given a card about a child at camp to use as motivation; a reminder of why they're riding the 500kms when the track gets tough and the seat gets uncomfortable.

For the riders, it's worth it when they reach the end, arriving like rockstars to cheers, applause, and short presentations put on by the children that showcase what they've learned while there.

"Both are changed by the experience," says Larry. "The rider and the child alike."

The charity is aiming to raise $225,000 from the Magic Ride this year so they can send 150 kids to Camp Magic. Between the two of them, Larry and Jace have set an ambitious goal to raise up to $10,000 for the cause!


When is it?

The ride will take place through the Hunter Valley region from May 30th to June 2nd, culminating at the Point Wolstoncroft Sports and Recreation Centre.

The closing ceremony is open to all who would like to celebrate the Magic Ride.

How can you get involved?

If you're excited to get involved and help the cause but can't commit to 500kms, don't worry — you can still make a difference and get some exercise in!

Genetics Fitness Club in Warners Bay is hosting a Spinathon Challenge from 10am to 2pm both Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th.

Interested in participating in the Spinathon challenge? Reserve your spot today

You can join for some fun and support for as long as you'd like with bikes available for $50 donation per hour. You can also contribute with direct donations. Don't forget, charitable donations such as these are tax deductible too.

If you'd like to help the charity in a more hands-on way, would like to know more about becoming a camp mentor, or are looking for more information, you can visit Feel The Magic's volunteer page or contact Larry Fingleson on 0407 766 700.

Cutcher & Neale is proud to be supporting such an impactful and local cause that will help countless children within our community, and we thank you for helping us do so.

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