6 Top Tips for ERP Software Selection for Manufacturers

By Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services - February 23, 2021

Unified cloud systems are essential for the modern multi-faceted manufacturing business. Managing your accounting, sales and inventory data in one place saves your business time and money – and makes your operational processes and supply chain management more efficient.

It’s important to keep these six tips in mind as you seek to modernize your business systems:


1. Have a clear understanding of the top two or three reasons why you need a system review

Different ERP solutions will offer different levels of value, but there are generally two or three drivers that will see your return on investment. This could be supply chain optimization, lower inventory carrying costs, higher fulfilment rates and higher customer service levels.


2. Don’t have hard and fast dates in mind

Improving your businesses systems is not a set and forget exercise, and not a one-off event. It’s an on-going process that requires a commitment to continuous improvement


3. Don’t expect a single solution to solve all of your company’s problems

Start with the minimum viable configuration to solve the most pressing issues. For example, if you need to get your financials under control, you could start with that module. Or if you have a disjointed supply chain then you could focus on tightening up that process, and then take on new functionalities as required.


4. Form a multi-disciplinary project team

This will ensure your chosen system suits all your departments or divisions. There will be issues in some departments that management, or other departments are no aware of.


5. Don’t make decisions by consensus

Not every decision will suit every person or department. Solicit the feedback from everyone and use that information to make the best decision possible but don’t expect everyone to agree on everything!


6. Keep an open mind

Success will depend on how you adapt to the new software or business system, so keep an open mind about how processes might need to change. Just because you’ve always done something one way, doesn’t mean it is the most efficient way.


As the industrial manufacturing and distribution landscape continues to evolve, more companies will be turning to technology to help them navigate the changes as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most of these initiatives will involve selecting a new ERP—a process that should never be rushed or taken lightly.

Successfully executing your enterprise cloud ERP strategy also means turning to the world’s most proven, trusted and deployed cloud ERP solution - NetSuite.

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