Time to upgrade: Navigating beyond Server 2012

By Christopher Gaffel - January 31, 2024

Now that Microsoft has officially ended support for Server 2012, many are left stranded in new and unsafe waters. It's important to understand how your business should navigate now necessary software and server upgrades — and find new routes for efficiency. 

Upgrading your server is not just about avoiding risks; it’s about embracing new opportunities for growth and productivity with your hardware. However, it's crucial for your business's security and performance that you understand the impacts it can have. Our Business Systems Experts can help guide you through the process.

Without updates and security patches, businesses still on Server 2012 are exposed to significant risks:

  • Increased security vulnerabilities — no more security updates mean your business data is at higher risk of cyber threats
  • Incompatibility issues — as technology advances, older servers struggle to keep up, leading to potential software compatibility problems
  • Diminished performance — Newer server technologies offer enhanced speed and efficiency, crucial for maintaining a competitive edge

Best Ways To Prevent Risk

Consult Your IT Provider

They can assess your needs and assist you with transitioning to a more current and secure server platform. While daunting, this process is not just a replacement but an upgrade for your business, offering an opportunity to enhance your overall IT infrastructure.

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Consider Cloud Solutions

This transition also opens the possibility of exploring cloud server solutions; this technology offers flexibility and scalability that are essential for modern businesses.

Cloud solutions are not for every business, however. A thorough review of your operational requirements is key to making good technology decisions. Reach out to discuss tailored outcomes that suit your needs.

Get Started Now

Remember, staying up-to-date with technology is vital for your business's security and success. Don't let outdated server technology hold you back. 

What you need to do now:

  1. Contact your IT provider — schedule a consultation to discuss your current server status and potential upgrade options
  2.  Review your business needs — consider how a server upgrade or a shift to cloud technology could benefit your business
  3.  Keep us informed — when you schedule a server upgrade, make sure you contact our Business Systems team early so we can assist you and your IT provider with the changeover

Our expert advisors can help you return to smooth sailing.

Christopher Gaffel Product Support Consultant Business Systems & Software Services

Christopher joined the Cutcher & Neale Software division in 2018 and provides product support, solution consulting and software implementation services for clients.

Chris’ knowledge of script logic and process analysis enables him to provide products and automation solutions for mid-tier operational systems that are tailored to individual business needs. 

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