How to Reduce Debt Faster?

July 2016

I've got too much debt. How do I reduce it?

Sound familiar? It certainly does to us. In fact, this is one of the most common conversations we have with our Medical clients.

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Is your Structure Holding you Back?

June 2016

Having the correct financial structure in place is arguably the single most important element in the accumulation and preservation of your wealth.

This isn't hyperbole; it's a plain and simple fact.

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Business or Personal? Welcome to the Murky World of Travel Expenses.

May 2016

It's important to get it right, so let's try and clarify the matter once and for all.
Expenses incurred for commuting between home and work are generally not deductible. However, you may be able to claim home-to-work travel in the following circumstances:

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How to Increase the After-Tax Cash Flow from a Rental Property

April 2016

Capital growth in Australian property over the years has encouraged many investors to purchase investment properties. While the right property can offer capital growth, it's important to maximise your deductions against the rental income you receive to ensure a tax-effective investment. 

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