ATO push to paperless

By Cutcher & Neale - February 11, 2021

The Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) paperless push is starting to extend to all businesses.

The ATO have recently announced they will no longer be issuing activity statements, pay as you go (PAYG) or goods and services (GST) instalment notices on paper once they have been lodged electronically (even if just once).

 This announcement is part of their process to phase out paper activity statements and instalment notices.

ATO electronic lodgements can be processed via your Tax Agent ATO business portal, compatible accounting software, and in some instances myGov.

So what do you need to do?

If you are already receiving and lodging your activity statements online (or via your tax agent) than there are no changes and you can continue as usual.

If you are lodging via paper and would like to transition to electronic lodgement sooner rather than later talk to your trusted advisor for assistance.

If electronic lodgement is not suitable for your business, the ATO have advised they may be able to make exceptions but only in a few instances.

If you have any questions on the ATO's push to paperless or need help with the transition, why not get in contact today.

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