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Why us?

We build your portfolio through direct asset acquisition rather than through third-party Fund Managers. Not only is this cost effective, it means you know exactly how, why and where your money is invested.

We proactively manage your portfolio to maximise returns within your risk parameters. This includes giving you priority access to offers not generally made available to the retail investor.

We protect your financial security by ensuring that the appropriate Estate Planning and Risk Insurance measures are in place.

Most importantly, we've earned the trust and respect of our clients by delivering results.

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 "I had some concerns that my previous advisors didn't have as good an understanding of my finances as I would have liked.

Cutcher & Neale really took the time to understand my situation before offering some excellent strategic advice. The results have already had a positive impact on the value of my portfolio. Overall, I'm comfortable that Cutcher & Neale are the right people to guide my family's financial future".

 "My decision to use Cutcher & Neale was based in part on their reputation. They're a highly respected firm with a long history and that was important to me.  In particular, I was impressed with their specialist expertise in Self Managed Superannuation and Investment Services.  I'm confident that my financial well-being is in very safe and capable hands."